Osipov Alexei Ilyich was born on March 31 in Tula region in 1938.

He finished secondary school in Gzhatsk (now Gagarin, Smolensk region)

He graduated from The Moscow Theological Seminary in 1959.

He graduated from The Moscow Theological Academy with the degree of the candidate of theology, he defended a thesis on the theme " Translation of Matins and Vespers' Chenopodiaceae by Greek Church' s missal of 1951, the edition is in comparison with the Russian missal of The Synodal edition in 1963.

He graduated from MTA in 1964 and he was appointed a professor in the academy. He gave lecture on Ecumenism, The History of Russian religious-philosophical thoughts, Relevant theological issues, Protestantism.

He gave lectures not only in The Moscow Theological Academy but in Seminary on the Basic theology and on Western confessions in 1965. He created a special course " The foundations of spiritual life in Orthodoxy.

He was habilitated as a docent in 1969, as a professor in 1974, an emeritus professor in 2004; he was given the degree of doctor of theology for the totality of theological works in 1985.

He was the head of the graduate school of The Moscow Theological Academy from 1982-2006.

He qualified as an emeritus professor of Peoples' Friendship University of the Caucasus in 2007.He was elected as a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

He is a co-chairman of the International annual conference since 1991 " Science. Philosophy. Religion" (Dubna, Moscow region)

He was a member of:

  • The Educational Committee of the Holy Synod of the Moscow theological Academy;
  • The Commission of the Holy Synod on issues of Christian Unity;
  • The Synodal Theological Commission;
  • The editorial Board of the collection "Theological works";
  • The editor-in-chief of the Moscow Theological Academy, "Theological Bulletin";
  • The Secretary of the Commission of the the Russian Orthodox Church for the preparation of materials in a religious and ethical encyclopedia that was published in Athens;
  • Working groups "for the preparation of a concept paper that states the position of the Russian Orthodox Church in the field of inter-religious relations";
  • Church-public coordination group for the preparation of the celebration of 2000 anniversary of the Birth of Christ;
  • Jubilee local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church of 1988;
  • The joint coordination Committee for the cooperation between the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • Publishing Council of the Moscow Patriarchate;
  • Working group of the development of the foundations of the Social concept of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • The Presidium of the World Russian People's Council;
  • Working group for the preparation of a detailed concept of a new system of theological education of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • Working group of study topics: "The attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church to inter-Christian cooperation in search of unity";
  • The Presidium of the inter-Council presence of the Russian Orthodox Church and its Commission of Education;
  • The inter-Orthodox theological Commission with the Lutherans;
  • The Commission "Faith and Constitution of the Church", The World Council of Churches;
  • The theological Commission and the Department of studies of the Christian Peace Conference;
  • Joint Russian-Iranian Commission "Orthodoxy-Islam".

He participated in bilateral dialogues, conducted by Russian Orthodox Church with:

  • Ancient Eastern (non-Chalcedonian) churches;
  • The Church of Rome;
  • The Catholic organization "Pax Christie International";
  • The Lutheran churches of FRG, GDR, Finland;
  • The World Alliance of reformed churches (WARC);
  • The Church of England;
  • The National Council of churches in the USA;
  • The Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA;
  • Disciples of Christ (USA).

He made one of:

  • Numbers of Assemblies of the World Council of Churches;
  • Lutheran World Conference;
  • The Conference of European Churches;
  • The Christian Peace Conference;
  • The African Christian Peace Conference ;
  • And other world and regional Christian conferences.

He spoke at world, international, regional Orthodox, inter-Christian and secular assemblies, conferences, universities and institutes, in auditoriums of public and business organizations and in the Houses of Culture, as in Russia as abroad. Public and academic lectures are broadcast on TV channel , on many regional TV channels of Russia, on the radio .

Some major works are:

Translation of Chenopodiaceous of Matins and Vespers by The Greek Church Missal, the edition of 1951 in comparison with Russian Missal of The Synodal edition. (Manuscript. Library MDA. 1963)

«Любовь, брак и семья» — тема, охватывающая, можно сказать, самую сердцевину земной, „горизонтальной“ стороны жизни человека, в современных условиях...

To become a Saint. The latest edition is M. Ed. the Moscow Patriarchate. 2010.

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Знание законов духовной жизни и тех опасностей, которые стоят на пути христианина, — одно из необходимых условий верного достижения им горнего...

НОВАЯ РЕДАКЦИЯ Представление о Боге является одним из тех вопросов, который всю историю разделял народы и религии. В настоящее...

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