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It is remarkable that all the attempts by historians to find a single non-religious people, or even a small tribe, that lived at any particular historical period available for scholars’ study, have been no success.  Some will ascribe the ubiquitous religiousness in those far-off days to the lack of knowledge of the laws of nature and to the failure of ancient people to see natural causes underlying major natural phenomena, especially those arousing their fear or striking them with glamorous beauty and grandeur.  Hence – their fantasies about the existence of another world, a realm of spirits, gods, and God. But when finally the long-awaited era of science came as the time of tremendous progress of science and technology, little changed in this respect.   Statistics continues stubbornly to assert that overwhelming majority of the population on the planet Earth believe in the existence of the Super Divine Being - God.  A great many scientists, philosophers, writers, politicians and all kinds of public figures and artists proclaim their faith in His existence expressing confidence in His involvement in both their public and private life.  Doesn’t this fact invite thought? 


Oh, my prophetic soul, dear!

My troubled heart!

How fast in awe and fear

Your tender beating grows,

As its duality life shows.

Fyodor Tyutchev

Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin raised this question with a dramatic force:

My life is gift that’s good for nothing.

“Why are you given me?”-I’m asking

What alien hand from non-existence

Has brought me out and with persistence

Forced me to live and not to cherish

A life that’s doomed to utter perish?

Who has my soul filled with passion?

And troubled mind with hesitation?